Quick Thoughts: Lost Episode 6-10: The Package

I’ve been liking this season of Lost, more than most of the others.  I like the overall sweeping arc of it.  I enjoy the flash-sideways.  I like that things are coming to a head. 

Yes, we’re getting too close to the end, and there will be hundreds of questions not answered.  That’s for another day. 

I enjoy sitting in front of the television set, and escaping to the Island for an hour, and I enjoy how the characters are progressing.

However, last night was really really REALLY mediocre, and totally exposed so many of the problems of the show. 

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WrestleMania Thoughts and Predictions

Well, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s that time of year again.  WrestleMania 26 will arrive this Sunday.  And top-to-bottom, it is one of the most stacked WrestleMania cards I’ve ever seen.  Nine matches, and I would say that five of them have the potential to be 4 star matches or higher. 

In this blog post, I’m going to guess as to the position of the match on the card (barring last minute additions, and any Divas or Womens matches), and guess who will win, and any other results. So, let’s break this one down, as best as possible:

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WATF: Fringe – Episode 103: The Ghost Network

My “Well After The Fact” (or WATF) reviews are my personal analysis of content. Usually this means that I purchase wrestling dvds, graphic novels/trade paperbacks, and television episodes of genre entertainment on the cheap, through ebay or other means. And then I review them.

Well, I’ve been abandoned. You make your vows, saying that you’ll be there in sickness and in health, good times and bad, richer and poorer.  But they never make you vow, that you will watch a television show with your spouse, unless both of you agree to stop watching.  That should be in the nerdy/genre fan wedding vows. My wife, for no reason at all, has said, “she doesn’t want to watch Fringe anymore.”  So, I must tread along, in solo form.

Anyway, let me continue my review of old Fringe Episodes, and hopefully catch-up to Season 2. 

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Lost’s Final Ride

Tonight is the season premiere of the final season of Lost.  Regardless of anything, it’s been an incredible ride.  Lost has broken so many rules of what can and cannot be done on network television, that I must give the creators a standing ovation for what they have accomplished, regardless of what takes place over the next 18 episodes. 

I have very mixed emotions about the show.  Initially, I thought it was the greatest show of all time.  The show that broke all boundaries of episodic television.  The show that rewarded their devoted followers more than any other.  And the show that finally achieved the crossover success and broke down the barriers between what is normal television and what is genre/sci fi television.

It has done that, but it lost me as a devotee along the way.

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Coming off the Bench

Coming off the bench as a blog, but also coming off the bench to get in the game, as big nerdy things are happening:

Too much geekery to talk about, the two major topics for my universe is the Doctor Who finale and the ‘Monday Night Wars’ that kick things off tonight with the WWE’s Monday Night Raw going up against a special 3 hour TNA Monday Night Impact.  I can only talk about one in the post, so let’s talk about the future rather than the past:  TNA vs WWE.

Now, the truth is… I will most likely be asleep on the couch as my son watches Phineas and Ferb instead of either wrestling show tonight.  But, realistically I can only record one program on my DVR.  So, which one is it going to be.

It’s really an easy choice.  When I was growing up, Bret Hart was my favorite wrestler, and Hulk Hogan was one of my least favorite wrestlers (usually Hacksaw Jim Duggan would take the nod there).  So, a chance to see Bret return to the WWE and get a chance to interact with the WWE stars of today, even if only as a character, that’s exciting.  There are about 10 potential storylines here, with Shawn Michaels, The Hart Dynasty, Vince McMahon, Triple H, and even “Legend Killer” Randy Orton… it’s a great sense of the unknown here.

On the other side, there’s TNA.  Now, in terms of talen in TNA versus the WWE, it’s no contest.  TNA has wrestlers I love watching in Angle, Daniels, Styles, Joe, Sabin, Shelley, Team 3D, Doug Williams, Wolfe, etc.   The WWE has Jericho.  I love Michaels, Cena, Triple H, Orton and the like when they bring their A – game on PPV, but rarely on a weekly basis. 

But TNA already has Vince Russo and they are bringing in Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, and potentially Scott Hall and Sean Waltman.  None of these men have done ANYTHING in the last 10 years that I have enjoyed (other than X-Pac match against Guerrero, Jericho, and Benoit at No Way Out 2001).  I have tried to like TNA, and it just has never worked out for me.  I love the talent, but I hate the decisions.  The constant pushing of WWE rejects, the stupidity of angles, the hiring of veterans whose best days are 10+ years behind them.

I’m sorry, but the Hulk Hogan signing seems more of the same to me.  I’m hopeful it isn’t.  I’m hopeful that Hogan wants to rewrite how he is perceived in the wrestling community.  But somehow I doubt it.  The last time we saw Hogan as a constant in professional wrestling was 4 ½ years ago when he refused to put over Shawn Michaels. 

Now, I’m going to review the results from tonight’s show, and most likely tape the Thursday replay of TNA Impact, hopeful that TNA makes the necessary change to integrate Hogan’s sense of big event feel, and timing, and slow burn.  But I have my doubts. 

Top Signs of TNA’s Destruction Under Hogan

  • If Hulk Hogan is booked to win the TNA World Title in the next 4 months.
  • If any of the following people are brought in as wrestlers: Brian Knobbs, Jerry Saggs, Brutus Beefcake, Jim Duggan, or the Honky Tonk Man.
  • If Hogan does a heel turn that creates a new stable that also includes Nash, Hall, and Waltman.
  • If Brooke Hogan shows up as a major player/character in TNA.
  • If Mark Madden is brought in to do anything whatsoever.
  • If Jimmy Hart shows up with Hogan.
  • If a Ric Flair versus Hulk Hogan match is teased for a PPV.

I’ll wait for the fallout to see if this is worth my while.




WATF: Fringe – Episode 102: The Same Old Story

My “Well After The Fact” (or WATF) reviews are my personal analysis of content. Usually this means that I purchase wrestling dvds, graphic novels/trade paperbacks, and television episodes of genre entertainment on the cheap, through ebay or other means. And then I review them.

When it comes to television shows, you can count on several things. The first, is that the episode after the initial pilot will be a fairly straightforward ‘easy’ story, that further establishes the characters and re-emphasizes the general premise, without major trauma to the characters.

The second, is that eventually all sci-fi/genre television shows hit the same cliched plotlines. And filed right in-between the ‘amnesia’ episode and the alternate reality episode is the investigating a baby that becomes older (or dies an old man) quickly.

And here Fringe does it, in Episode 102: The Same Old Story
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Quick Thoughts – Fringe Episode 111: Bound

Fringe came back on the air, after their holiday hiatus.  I will do a review later, but these are my quicky thoughts about the episode.  (These are late quick thoughts, as I don’t like kicking my wife out of the room, just cause she doesn’t want to watch something ‘creepy’) 

And I’ve thrown in my favorite quotes from the episode, mostly from Walter…. what fun!

WALTER: Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time. Makes me nostalgic. Spirited, isn’t it?

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