Quick Thoughts – Fringe Episode 111: Bound

Fringe came back on the air, after their holiday hiatus.  I will do a review later, but these are my quicky thoughts about the episode.  (These are late quick thoughts, as I don’t like kicking my wife out of the room, just cause she doesn’t want to watch something ‘creepy’) 

And I’ve thrown in my favorite quotes from the episode, mostly from Walter…. what fun!

WALTER: Things like this used to happen in the lab all the time. Makes me nostalgic. Spirited, isn’t it?

This episode had Olivia rescue herself after being abducted and taking down Mitchell and Samantha Loeb, who she helped to heal in previous episodes.

Hints and Allegations:

  • More fun with now Mitchell Loeb suggesting to Olivia that they are trying to stop a battle between two forces, and they have no idea which side anyone is on.  The question is, are they ever going to have to choose one side or the other.
  • There is something special about Olivia.   One would have to think that Massive Dynamic knows that she has John Scott’s memories, but there was another reason that she was abducted by Loeb.
  • I like recognizing songs in shows, even when it’s a cover… Apparently The Watson Twins did the cover version of The Cure’s Just Like Heaven used in the show. 

WALTER: My boy, I’m not even sure that we all exist on the same plane of consciousness. But yes, I believe so.

Other Fun Stuff

  • Nice to see Olivia act all bad-ass on three occassions.  Tho the escape when she was bound was so telegraphed, it was stupid.  The showing the photo of Loeb’s wife was very well done.
  • Walter trying to bud a romance between Peter and Olivia.  It is cute and so innocent.  I’m not sure whether I want them together, as it is soooo cliche.  But it was fun to have all three of them know that it’s there. 
  • Nice to know that the team is actually called “The Fringe Team.”
  • The use of the Magic 8-Ball was kindof forced there… but as I wasn’t sure how it would be used, I’m going to mark it up as fun.

WALTER: I concur, and in the category of ‘takes one to know one’… That man did seem disturbed.

Wait until the Verdict is In

  • Disgruntled senior officer reviewing the alternative, side ops group, wondering if its best use of the government’s resources.  Very cliched.  And Broyles is supposed to have all of this power, and he cant’ even stop his ‘friend’ from taking over.  Poor poor and too easy plot device.
  •  Broyles turned into Agent Skinner very quickly in this episode.  He’s supposed to be more in the know.  We’ll see how this plays out.
  • The plot line with Olivia’s sister and niece seemed forced.  Like the writers were sitting around a meeting saying, “We need a tether for Olivia to connect her to the real world, to create false connection who needs to suggest that she’s losing herself.  Let’s add a sister and a cute niece.”  This may be used interestingly, but I’m guessing not, especially as the niece is used in a plot device NEXT WEEK… I mean don’t even wait and let us have a connection to her.

OLIVIA: (On cell phone) Peter, it’s me.

PETER: Olivia, thank god. Are you okay? how are you? Where are you?

OLIVIA: I’m on my way to you. So can you meet me outside in ten minutes? And bring your father. I think we’ll need him.

PETER: Do I have to?

Come On Now

  • An agent comes in, gives a witness a drink of water, and just walks out…. no one sees, no camera shows this? 
  • We still haven’t found anything useful or interesting for Astrid to do?
  • A mutated cold virus can run across the floor so fast that they can’t catch it?  What were the CGI guys pissed off that their motion skills weren’t being utilized?
  • Men’s shoes are unique, but not that unique, especially when drugged.  I can understand if there was ONE piece of evidence that she tied to it, but to just go “It’s Loeb” cause he wore black shoes with tassles?  A bit much.  (Fringepedia says there was  a white spot on the loafers… maybe I need a HD TV, but I didn’t see it, but if it’s there, then it isn’t in this group)
  • Olivia, after being abducted, drugged, and given a spinal tap, is out searching for clues by herself the very next day.  Really?  There rules for injuries and hospitalizations in sports, but not with the FBI?
  • Minor point, but aren’t we really past the point of Charlie going to Peter to do something outside the law.  After all this time, and working for FBI and Homeland Security? Seemed forced just to get Peter into the plot.

PETER: (walking-in) Walter – What are you doing?

WALTER: (sitting at work-station) I’m dosing a caterpillar.

PETER: Dosing? As in L.S.D?

WALTER: Well… it’s a special blend.

PETER: I see. Hey, guess what just happened.


PETER: Finding out that my father is giving drugs to bugs – somehow just became a typical moment in my life.

WALTER: It’s wonderful. Isn’t it?


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