Lost’s Final Ride

Tonight is the season premiere of the final season of Lost.  Regardless of anything, it’s been an incredible ride.  Lost has broken so many rules of what can and cannot be done on network television, that I must give the creators a standing ovation for what they have accomplished, regardless of what takes place over the next 18 episodes. 

I have very mixed emotions about the show.  Initially, I thought it was the greatest show of all time.  The show that broke all boundaries of episodic television.  The show that rewarded their devoted followers more than any other.  And the show that finally achieved the crossover success and broke down the barriers between what is normal television and what is genre/sci fi television.

It has done that, but it lost me as a devotee along the way.

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I haven’t missed an episode of the show.  (Once or twice, it’s remained in my DVR for a while, but that’s due to my domestic unit… aka my son and my wife… not the show) But for most of the first two seasons I thought it was the greatest show anyone had ever created, and I lost that feeling somewhere between Michael killing Libby and Anna Lucia and Mr. Eko being killed.

Somewhere during those 10 episodes, the idea that this was an orchestrated piece, where the whole puzzle would be revealed at the end, even greater than the sum of the already great parts.  And it became a very good action/genre show, with characters I cared about, that was no different than Buffy, Alias, Deep Space 9, Doctor Who, X-Files, Farscape, Fringe, and others. 

What happened to change things?

  • A season and a half of convincing us, teasing us of the implication of the hatch, and pushing the button every 108 minutes, and then Desmond turns a key and pushes a button, and everything is fine.  Seemed like the writers just said, “We’re bored with the hatch, let’s blow it up.”
  • A whole season introducing us and having us like, Anna Lucia, Libby, and Eko.  1 year later, all three of them are dead, and the creators have the audacity to say that it was part of the plan all along.
  • Michael got really annoying; Walt got abandoned (yeah, who knew that a 10 year old boy wasn’t done growing); and all of the interesting Others were pushed aside so they only one left interesting was Ben, who is interesting, but shouldn’t come at the expense of Ms Klugh, Tom, Isabel, and Mikhail.
  • The constant back and forth between Locke being a man at peace with the world and having a special connection to the island beyond almost all others, and that Locke is a dreamer/patsy who believes things that just aren’t true.  Pick one!!!  Locke is an Adept or he is a Fool, not both. 
  • Basic questions not going answered: what are The Others doing on the island; Do they care about the old Dharma Stations?; Why do some join The Others?; etc.

After a year of this, I realized that I didn’t feel the way about Lost like I had previously.  And as people raved about the 3 seaons, to me they were still a pale reflection of where we had been.  And the show was moving into new territories before resolving the issues it had already created.  And I remained dissatisfied.  Despite my enjoyment of the show, my dissatisfiation remained.

And now we are at the beginning of the end.  I still am interested in the show.  I still want to see how it ends.  I know I will be disappointed in many things this season.  And I know that there will be questions that I do not get answered. 

Let me offer my personal wish list for questions to be answered… questions that don’t seem to be at the top of everyone’s list (i.e., what is the smoke monster).:

  1. Is Locke Special, or has he been guided by the Man in Black all along, and manipulated by coincidence?
  2. How did Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid end up in 1977, when Sun, Ben, Frank, Ilana, and Bram ended up in the present?
  3. How did Ben become leader of The Others, if he has never seen/met Jacob?
  4. What is up with Christian Shepherd? Alive/Dead? Smoke Monster Incarnation/Jacob’s prophet? 
  5. Thousands of questions regarding the Psychic who advised Claire.  He was fake for Eko but real for Claire? Did he know Claire would crash on the Island? He said Claire must raise the baby or great evil would be unleashed upon the world?
  6. Why can’t Widmore or The Man In Black or any of the other return to the Island.  Ben said he couldn’t come back, but he did. 
  7. Lists!  Explain the lists!  Why are some abducted?  Why are kids taken? 
  8. The damn whispering and Others apperance.  Who can do it (my guess is native born to the island)?  What does it mean? 
  9. How did Locke’s father get on the island.  Ben mentioned the magic box which brought Anthony Cooper to the island.  Explain!
  10. What is special about these people?  Jacob visited them all (Jack, Kate, Sun, Sawyer, Jin, Locke,

Okay, let’s see more about it all tonight.



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