Quick Thoughts: Lost Episode 6-10: The Package

I’ve been liking this season of Lost, more than most of the others.  I like the overall sweeping arc of it.  I enjoy the flash-sideways.  I like that things are coming to a head. 

Yes, we’re getting too close to the end, and there will be hundreds of questions not answered.  That’s for another day. 

I enjoy sitting in front of the television set, and escaping to the Island for an hour, and I enjoy how the characters are progressing.

However, last night was really really REALLY mediocre, and totally exposed so many of the problems of the show. 

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WrestleMania Thoughts and Predictions

Well, ladies and gentlemen.  It’s that time of year again.  WrestleMania 26 will arrive this Sunday.  And top-to-bottom, it is one of the most stacked WrestleMania cards I’ve ever seen.  Nine matches, and I would say that five of them have the potential to be 4 star matches or higher. 

In this blog post, I’m going to guess as to the position of the match on the card (barring last minute additions, and any Divas or Womens matches), and guess who will win, and any other results. So, let’s break this one down, as best as possible:

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WATF: Fringe – Episode 103: The Ghost Network

My “Well After The Fact” (or WATF) reviews are my personal analysis of content. Usually this means that I purchase wrestling dvds, graphic novels/trade paperbacks, and television episodes of genre entertainment on the cheap, through ebay or other means. And then I review them.

Well, I’ve been abandoned. You make your vows, saying that you’ll be there in sickness and in health, good times and bad, richer and poorer.  But they never make you vow, that you will watch a television show with your spouse, unless both of you agree to stop watching.  That should be in the nerdy/genre fan wedding vows. My wife, for no reason at all, has said, “she doesn’t want to watch Fringe anymore.”  So, I must tread along, in solo form.

Anyway, let me continue my review of old Fringe Episodes, and hopefully catch-up to Season 2. 

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