The End… (Just When It Was Getting Good Too)

As a fan of comic books, you have to sit back and bask in the sunlight that is the current scene in cinema today.  You can hear it.  All of the comic book readers who were scorned back when they were teens are crying out in triumph.  As if the success of The Dark Knight has redeemed their obsessions. 

There is an inward comic book geek who does feel that way.  So I feel the elation.  There is something nice that an icon, like Batman, is going to achieve such notoriety, such financial gain… it’s a shame that it spells the beginning of the end.

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Top 10 Comic Book Runs

Comic Book Resources is conducting a survey of what their readers think the top 10 comic book runs are.

Basically a run is defined by a creator or a creative team’s run on a specific ongoing comic book, with mini-series being excluded.

This is one of those topics that just get everyones juices flowing, so here are my top 10 and a few honorable mentions:

My list heavily leans towards modern comic book runs, not because I’m young, but mostly because I enjoy the modern storytelling more than the classic comic book writing – like Lee & Ditko’s Spider-Man

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Keys to the Kingdom

Yesterday, Marvel Comics announced that they would be opening their archives to online subscribers, for a price of $9.95 per month or $59.95 per year.

If I am reading this article (and all subsequent articles) correctly… for an average of six dollars a month, I (as a comic book fan) would get:

  • Access to classic Marvel comic book series, such as the early Lee & Kirby Fantastic Four and Lee and Ditko Spider-Man comics.
  • Access to recent high-profile Marvel comic book series, such as Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men and The Ultimates (which I have read, but I’m sure other high-profile series are to be included.)
  • New issues will be on the Marvel site six months after they are published in comic book form.

I had three reactions….
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Well After the Fact Review: (Marvel) Ultimates Vol. 1 graphic novel

My “Well After the Fact” reviews are my personal analysis of content. Usually this means that I purchase wrestling dvds, graphic novels/trade paperbacks, and television episodes of genre entertainment on the cheap, through ebay or other means. And then I review them.

I’m getting worse with trade paperbacks, than I ever was with comic books. I go to the store and next thing you know I’m loading up with $100.00 + of trades.

Now, when I purchase trades, usually I look for stories that I haven’t read, or that I only read a few of the issues. However, sometimes I look to replace individual issues with a bound version. That was the case with Ultimates Volume 1. Back in 2002, I read the first several issues of The Ultimates. It was enjoyable, but it’s infrequent publishing schedule annoyed me. So, basically, I bought Ultimates Volume 1, so I could go and get Ultimates Volume 2. And for $12.99, it was a decent price for a good comic book.
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Trades vs Single Issues

About four years ago, I stopped my biweekly visits to the comic book store, essentially ending my purchase of ‘comic books’. Now, I had been buying/reading comic books all of my life, and consistently buying monthly titles since the fall of 1987. Despite this… the decision was really easy. My future wife had moved in with me, and it seemed really stupid to spend $40.00 or more every two weeks and then sit in a corner, reading comics and ignoring her.
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