WATF: Doctor Who – Episode 401: Partners in Crime (401)

My “Well After The Fact” (or WATF) reviews are my personal analysis of content. Usually this means that I purchase wrestling dvds, graphic novels/trade paperbacks, and television episodes of genre entertainment on the cheap, through ebay or other means. And then I review them.

Once again, I started this a while ago. And then I got bored with blogging. But I’m back and wanting to catch up and take inventory. Even if no one else is paying attention.

I started with the new series of Doctor Who, back when it debuted on Sci Fi. I had been a fan of the original since the early 80s. But it was cancelled, and really didn’t age well for me. But I was enough of a fan to start watching in 2005 (I think).

It started off slow, but started to gain ground with me. By the time the episode Dalek and the two parter The Empty Child. I was hooked again. And amazingly enough, my wife has suddenly started to like the show.

Anyway, onto the first episode of the fourth season. A harmless episode that brings Donna Noble as the new companion of the Doctor. Continue reading